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Product Design
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From Concept to Final Creation, Burgschneider strives to create character driven Costuming from the ground up.

Reliable, Sustainable, Consistent

With two decades of costume design and development experience, Burgschneider provides brand focused solutions with proven results.

Go beyond TV, and Film

Burgschneider's products have been featured in Primetime Television, Web Series, and Film, but aren't limited by scale or scope. Anything is possible!

Brand Overview


Specialization and Design, Manufacturing, and Distribution Capabilities in Textile, Leather, Metall, and Foam/Plastic Products

B2B / B2C, and Beyond

Burgschneider is represented in more than 30 countries world wide, with a wholly owned North American Distrubution subsidiary based in Florence, KY.

Custom Design Solutions

Whether it is brand focused modifications of existing products, or completely new products, Burgschneider's design team will develop a solution to match your needs.